Are there food combinations which must be avoided?


Food is an important part of our life. It makes us feel energetic but you are not aware that eating bad food combinations can affect your health. As per Ayurveda we have listed down some bad food combinations that may ruin your life.

1. Fruits With Meal

We always think that having a fruit bowl after the meal helps with digestion. So, if you think to consume fruits after the meal for digestion, you’re on the wrong track.

2. Cereals And Orange Juice

Due to our busy life, we always want easy and fast breakfast and thus we eat cereals and juice. But the acids in orange juice and starches in the cereal will lower the activity of enzymes and make you sick all through the day. To avoid this combination, you can have orange juice at least an hour before consuming cereals with milk.

3. Yogurt With Fruits

Fruit yogurt from grocery stores doesn’t have any real fruits. However, they are unhealthy to eat. You can consume unflavoured yogurt and mix it with honey or cinnamon.

4. Dairy and animal foods (especially fish)

Fish and a butter, ghee, yogurt or cream sauce is a big no-no. This would also mean a combination of eggs and milk, I can hear you sigh, oh yes I can hear you. Next time you eat any of these, try and become really aware of the effects after you’ve eaten. Maybe next time choose one or the other.

5. Dairy and fruits

Banana and milk is the worst combination but you can use plant-based milk for your smoothie, especially if you are adding other fruits.

6. Hot and cold foods together

Mixing hot and cold foods like a hot dish and then ice cream as dessert, or yogurt and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Also, do not drink ice-cold water during your meal as it impacts your digestive system . While the sensation of hot + cold in your mouth may be pleasant, your stomach will probably not agree and it will become upset.

7. Food And Water

We should not drink water immediately after a meal because it may form gases and also lead to bloating. Sometimes, it may also cause digestive problems. So, this is probably a toxic food combination. Try to drink water before or after 10 times of consuming foods.

8. White Bread and jam

White Bread contains carbs and Jam is nothing but sugar. You can eat bread with peanut butter. The peanut butter will stabilize the blood sugar level.

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