What is simple tip to improve your health?

Eating Dates Kharik everyday morning or before sleeping certainly improves your health on all aspects like skin, hair, immunity, weight, digestion, blood sugar , energy, mind, etc.

You can have it with milk and Keshar (saffron) or you can add it in a banana milkshake for best results. if you find it difficult to consume as whole dates , there is the option of Kharik Powder or Dates Powder.

There are many benefits of dates, I am listing a few of them-

  • Dry dates are low in fat and contain negligible cholesterol; moreover, they are known to control low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in our bloodstream. Apart from this, they are low in sodium and a rich source of potassium, which makes them beneficial for keeping blood pressure in check.
  • Dry dates have anti-oxidative properties that stimulate metabolism.
  • Dry dates are an excellent source of calcium, which is an important element for keeping bones and teeth strong.
  • Dry dates are a rich source of natural sugars (glucose and fructose) which makes them a great snacking option for an instant energy boost.
  • Dry dates are a natural resource of vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, which is extremely beneficial for skin cells and can further repair the damage caused by free radicals.
  • Vitamin B5 present in dry dates helps in maintaining a healthy scalp.

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